Publications of interest

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Publications of interest

Global DNDC Network Workshop November 2009

Expressions of Interest are called for a workshop on Modelling Greenhouse Gas Emissions from terrestrial ecosystems
Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Tentative Dates: 18-19 November 2009

Land use and land use change are major contributors to anthropogenic climate change through the emission and absorption of numerous greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. These fluxes occur as the result of complex processes that can exhibit high degrees of temporal and spatial variability. It is therefore necessary to develop models capable of assessing the impacts of land management practices on greenhouse gas fluxes at site, regional, national and global scales.

The aims of this workshop are to bring together and enable researchers working with models of greenhouse gas emissions from a variety of agricultural and forest systems to share their research and to meet with other researchers from around the world, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the widely dispersed model users and developers.

A full two-day programme will cover:

  • International speakers
  • Invited and offered papers
  • Structured discussions

At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest in attending the workshop and proposed paper titles. These can be sent to

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