Publications of interest

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Publications of interest

New Zealand Climate change national greenhouse gas inventory research grants

More than $1 million has been allocated to fund the first tranche of national greenhouse gas inventory proposals received in response to a request for proposals through the Plan of Action for Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change.

In order to meet the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) requirement to continuously improve the National Inventory, MAF has funded bids that provide information and assist with compiling New Zealand's National Inventory.

Successful bids focus on improving the following key aspects of the National Inventory for agriculture and forestry:

  • Improvement of agriculture activity data, including statistics
  • Agriculture inventory "best practice"
  • Agriculture mitigation technology incorporation and monitoring;
  • Agriculture projections and net position;
  • Measurement of emissions and sinks from soils

The full list of the successful research proposals grouped by the type of research work being done is below.

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