Publications of interest

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Publications of interest

GRASS Recipient - Professor Hong Di

Professor Hong Di, a soil scientist from Lincoln University is a widely respected expert in this area and has been granted a GRASS award to travel to China and work to oversee trials currently being conducted to assess the effectiveness of DCD in reducing nitrous oxide emissions.  The exchange will be an opportunity for New Zealand to provide expertise and input to the trials in China to assess the potential of using DCD as a nitrous oxide mitigation tool.

Professor Di will be based at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Environmental Sciences, in Beijing, China for ten weeks.  This is a new, exciting collaboration for both Di and New Zealand to share and exchange information on the mitigation approaches to nitrous oxide emission. The knowledge gained during the Chinese trials will enhance the research programme in New Zealand and further the understanding on the various microbial, soil and environmental factors that affect nitrous oxide emissions from the soil.

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