Publications of interest

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Publications of interest

Andre Bannink arrives in New Zealand

André Bannink is a senior research scientist at Wageningen UR Livestock Research in Lelystad (The Netherlands). André’s research focuses on the development of dynamic models representing the fermentation processes in the ruminant intestine (rumen and large intestine). He has conducted his research work in close cooperation with Wageningen University since 1993 and is currently in collaboration with Wageningen coordinating a research program directed at the mitigation of methane emission in ruminants (dairy cattle mainly), involving experimental modelling, delineating trade-offs of mitigation of enteric methane and some dissemination work.  

André received a GRASS award to visit the Animal Nutrition and Health group of Dr. David Pacheco at AgResearch, Palmerston North for a period of 6 weeks. The award will enable Andre and David’s team to enhance research currently being undertaken on the improvement of the quantification of enteric methane emission in sheep, on the comparison of sheep against cattle, and to develop a sheep model that can be used for NZ production conditions. The intention is to share resources in the future and collaborate together with Dr. Jan Dijkstra of Wageningen University using the experimental data already collected at AgResearch, and the modelling expertise already built up in The Netherlands.

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