Publications of interest

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Publications of interest

Wei Wei Xia arrives in NZ on a 6-month LEARN Fellowship

From Nanjing to Palmerston North.......Wei Wei Xia, a PhD student from the Institute of Soil Science, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is in New Zealand to work with Saman Bowatte and Paul Newtonat AgResearch, Palmerston North. Wei Wei is interested in functional micro-organisms in the nitrification process in soils. While in New Zealand, she will spend her time investigating the functional differences between the microbial activity in the peak and non-peak nitrous oxide periods in pasture systems using the DNA-SIP technology.

Wei Wei hopes her work will allow her to get a better understanding of microbial mechanisms underlying GHG emissions from livestock agriculture, to provide the efficient solutions to decrease the GHG emission from livestock agriculture, and to contribute to reduction of GHG emission in China.


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