Publications of interest

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Publications of interest

First publication from the Livestock Research Group research projects is now available

The Technical Manual of Respiration Chamber Designs was identified as a priority project by the Livestock Research Group of the Global Research Alliance at its first meeting in 2010. The New Zealand government requested proposals in December 2010 for the compilation of a comprehensive technical manual of modern CH4 respiration chambers, which would cover design, performance and operation of existing chambers but without attempting to evaluate them against any pre- determined performance criteria. The project was co-ordinated by AgResearch, a Crown Research Institute in New Zealand, who invited scientists from around the world to supply details on the design and operation of the different types of existing, newly developed respiration chambers. A standard template was designed and sent to each participant to complete, which requested details on the design and operation of the individual respiration chamber systems. These individual submissions were then collated to produce the manual.

Any questions about the manual should be sent to Cesar Pinares:

Download a copy of the manual from the Global Research Alliance Livestock Research Group website:

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